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Learn more about our company and what we do - our fields of activity and departments in different countries.

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    CTM Trading LTD is a German communications company specializing in new communication devices, remarketing of telephones, tablet PCs and high quality reprocessed electronic devices. The company focuses mainly on communications products from Apple and Samsung. Our head office is in Bremen / Germany with many direct business connections within Europe and to Taiwan, Korea and Japan. With 10 years of experience and connections to direct manufacturer sources, we have direct access to original parts, key components. We partner with reputable recycling companies and original phone and component suppliers to open a broader field of advanced business activities in the field of high-end communications product recycling.

    Our main areas are smartphones, tablets and their original accessories. New is the distribution of XiaoMi Eco products. We have very good connections for hardly used notebooks, printers, network devices and computers. We deal with new and well-preserved used equipment in Europe and for export outside the EU. Due to our extensive connections, we have almost unlimited access to original spare parts and accessories from well-known brands.

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    Xpresscell Telco is a division of CTM Trading, responsible for the international distribution of communications products and their accessories. Both new equipment and used products are marketed. The company's main products are communications products from Apple and Samsung. However, the product range is constantly expanding. Meanwhile, we distribute almost all well-known brands and models. The Xpresscell Telco is largely independent of the CTM to minimize the effort on the orders. With its own Website and corresponding offers, customers from the international area are served here. Of course, Xpresscell has access to inventory and administrative capacity within CTM Trading.

    In addition to smartphones and tablets (APPLE, SAMSUNG, XIAOMI, HTC, MOTOROLA, NOKIA, VIVO, GOOGLE, OPPO, SONY, LG, and HUAWEI), we also trade in well-known accessories of brands: PLANTRONICS, BOSE, BEATS, XIAOMI ECO, B & O , FITBIT and other well-known brands. The interest lies in the international market, with customers from the USA, South America and also Eastern Europe. Of course we also deal locally with companies from the EU.

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    The Recell 24 .... originally conceived as B2C Area, is active in the Asian area. In addition to sourcing products from this area, Recell has focused on the renewal of smartphones and tablets. With over 1 million remanufactured and marketed smartphones in 2015, we do a lot for a green world without tons of electronic waste and for a longer life of communication devices. Our products come from all over the world. We source our products from suppliers, providers, recyclers and IT companies in the European Union, the US and South America. We renew most appliances in our own facility, equipped with the latest machinery and technical equipment. Our employees come from past occupations at Foxconn, Samsung and HTC. This includes a lot of experience and technical knowledge and is bundled in an international and successful business.

    With more than 12 years of local presence and more than 400 contacts with Asian companies, we are also able to audit and verify potential Asian business partners of our clients. Our locations are Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai.

  • imageHere is an overview of the business activities of CTM Trading.

    Sales of new communication equipment and accessories, in the international market.

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    CTM Trading Germany LTD (Sales & Marketing national and EU)
    Am Fallturm 5
    D-28359 Bremen
    Tel: +49 (421) 3399040
    Fax: +49(421) 3399256
    Mail: contact@ctm-germany.de

    Warehouse Visits

    Goods inspections in our warehouse in Germany are basically possible, but only by prior arrangement. Due some circumstances in the past, please understand that we have to ask for your complete (certified) personal data. Due to incidents, an anonymous goods inspection is no longer possible. Goods can not be paid in cash at visit, if the amount is more than € 9.000!