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  • Versand

    The prices in the table only apply to consignments from the overseas warehouse. If you need more information on this topic, you can contact us. Leave us a mail and we will send you the corresponding documentaion.

    Carrier Weight Insurance/Handling Price
    UPS 1kg (net) € 20,00 (+ Tax & Customs paid) Lead time: 4-5 Days  
    UPS 3kg (net) € 20,00 (+ Tax & Customs paid) Lead time: 4-5 Days € 130,00 + € 20
    UPS 5kg (net) € 20,00 (+ Tax & Customs paid) Lead time: 4-5 Days € 158,00 + € 20
    UPS 7kg (net) € 20,00 (+ Tax & Customs paid) Lead time: 4-5 Days € 190,00 + € 20
    UPS 9kg (net) € 20,00 (+ Tax & Customs paid) Lead time: 4-5 Days € 210,00 + € 20
    UPS 11kg (net) € 20,00 (+ Tax & Customs paid) Lead time: 4-5 Days € 245,00 + € 20
    UPS 15kg (net) € 20,00 (+ Tax & Customs paid) Lead time: 4-5 Days € 335,00 + € 20
    UPS 20kg (net) € 20,00 (+ Tax & Customs paid) Lead time: 4-5 Days € 365,00 + € 20
    UPS 25kg (net) € 20,00 (+ Tax & Customs paid) Lead time: 4-5 Days Request
    UPS 30kg (net) € 20,00 (+ Tax & Customs paid) Lead time: 4-5 Days Request
    UPS 50kg (net) € 20,00 (+ Tax & Customs paid) Lead time: 4-5 Days Request

  • Warehouse Locations:

    As a international working company, we have our warehouses in different locations to make the shipping to our clients more easier and comfortable. Here the actually locations:

    D-28359 Bremen (Smartphones, Tablets, Notebooks, Accessories)

    UK-SW1V 4LZ London (Smartphones, Tablets, Accessories)

    HK-518003 Hongkong (Smartphones, Tablets, Accessories)

    TH-30000 Korat (Asian Process-Center) (Smartphones, Tablets, Accessories)

  • Chine Company Research

    You intend to buy from a china company and not sure about them?

    You have doubt about the transmitted information?

    With more than 12 years experience in the Asian market and our presence in this market, we have the opportunity to test every potential Chinese supplier for their real existence, reputation and trust. Our staff speak native Chinese and we have a huge pool of connections there. It's no secret that an Alibaba Gold Supplier means nothing, it may isn`t the trusted connection you might expect. Buying branded wholesale smartphones, tablets and genuine accessories, parts & electronics from mainland China is a playing with fire, as you could usually get inferior or, at best, poorly repaired products. It's easy to believe that iPhones and other well-known brands that are assembled in China can be sourced cheaper there. However, this does not correspond to reality. You may lose your money and your time very fast.

    We offer complete company check about company background, true products, places and their professional way to deal with foreign companies. Additional we can control quality, kind of products and delivery way, if you in need for that.

    This service is free for our existing customers. For non-customers we may charge a small service charge for the information, depending on the effort.

    Why is important
    China is increasingly becoming an most important player in electronics and accessories. Many of the branded products are now produced in China.

    Platforms like: Alibaba, Made in China, DH Gate, Import-Express e.g. do not certifiy the business successfully. Even they called GOLD OR CERTIFIED MEMBER...means nothing, just paid service. Reality some times different.

    Some Chinese companies are temporary or provide information that does not reflect the actual situation. For international buyers, this is very difficult to verify the business.

    Companies in China are very easy to set up. A company you do business with, can not exist tomorrow anymore, while the same owner opens a new business with a different name. Persecutions by government agencies? - no chance!

    Products offered may be subject to local restrictions or do not match the quality offered or just not exist. (Fakes, just offers without any real product and improper repair)

    Some Hints for free about business in China

    In need for our Service?
    Just contact us, if you not sure about a company from China Mainland or Hongkong. We delivery you quickly the required information with an statement about and what we found out.

  • Dropshipping

    As an international business, we have warehouses in different locations. We offer dropshipping for our customers, if this is required to keep delivery time short.

    If you use regular way, may loose 3 days because of sending to your place and you have to send again to your client. You loose time and money indeed. Inside our dropshipping solution, we send the purchased goods in your name, with your invoice (if required), without any connection to us or our services. We take care for legal services as there customs, delivery paperwork and all around. And you can be sure, we stay out of your contacts and business connections. All data you share with us for that service, we keep strictly confidental. Business in common is based on trust and honesty.

    Ask us, if you interested in our dropshipping service. Our team will help you to find the best solution.